Halogen Bulbs

Marine Halogen Replacement Bulbs

Halogen Light Bulbs for Boats. Apex lighting offers customers top of the line LED boat lights and halogen light bulbs for boats. All of our high-quality marine-grade halogen light bulbs allow for 30% more light output than conventional halogen lamps. Our marine halogen replacement bulbs are created for direct replacement of your existing incandescent bulbs or low-quality halogen light bulbs. Apex Lighting makes it easy to replace the lighting of your yacht or boat navigation or interior lighting with our high-quality halogen light bulbs. We are proud of our great selection; we carry the most popular sizes of halogen replacement light bulbs for boats, yachts, or other marine vessels.

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  • Zenon G4 Bulb


    Zenon G4 Bulb

    Zenon G4 Bulb Voltages 12V, 24V Wattage 10W, 20W Base Type G4 Overall Lengt


  • G4 Halogen Bulb


    G4 Halogen Bulb

    Halogen G4 Bulb Voltages 12V, 24V Wattage 5W, 10W, 20W Base Type G4 Overall