Triplex Wire

Marine-Grade Triplex Wire

Marine Grade Triplex Wire for Boats. Apex Lighting carries the highest quality LED boat lighting and triplex wire for boats and yachts. We carry only the most durable triplex wiring for your marine electrical project. Our marine triplex wiring is resistant to acid and abrasions and is coated in color-coded PVC for safety and durability. Apex Lighting sells marine-grade triplex wire by the foot, allowing you to order only the amount you need to complete the electrical project on your boat or yacht. Use Apex Lighting's durable marine triplex wire for the internal wiring on your yacht or boat.

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  • Pacer Marine

    Triplex Wire 14 AWG

    (Cable is sold "Per Foot")   14AWG TRIPLEX BOAT CABLE 105&#194&#176C DRY 75&#194&


  • Pacer Marine

    Triplex Wire 16 AWG

    (Cable is sold "Per Foot")   16AWG TRIPLEX BOAT CABLE 105&#194&#176C DRY 75&#194&