Small Recessed

Small Recessed LED Marine Lighting

Small Recessed LED Lights for Boats. Apex Lighting offers LED boat lighting and small recessed LED lighting for use as a highlight to specific areas on your boat. Small recessed LED marine lighting can also be used to accentuate the decorative elements throughout the interior of your marine vessel. Increase the elegance of your boat, yacht, or other marine vessel by adding the best small recessed marine LED lighting. Multiple small recessed LED boat lights can be used to create dynamic lighting modes in any area on your watercraft. Shop online for the best selection of small recessed LED marine lighting from Apex Lighting.

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  • Ventura

    IMTRA Marine Products

    Blade PowerLED Downlight

    IMTRA Marine Blade PowerLED Recessed Lights. The Blade PowerLED Recessed Fixture, made in the U

    $94.95 - $129.95

  • Tide PowerLED 10-40VDC

    IMTRA Marine Products

    Tide PowerLED 10-40VDC

    The brand new Tide PowerLED, 10-40VDC downlight by Imtra Corporation:  Featuring 2-wire po

    $62.95 - $98.95

  • Sale


    Apeiron Warm White LED

    i2Systems Apeiron Warm White LED Recessed Light. The Apeiron LED recessed light from i2Systems

    Was: $119.95
    Now: $99.95

  • Imtra Tri Color

    IMTRA Marine Products

    Tri-Color Model P

    IMTRA Marine Tri-Color Model P Recessed Lights. The tri-color model-p recessed lights from Imtr


  • Pool PowerLED

    IMTRA Marine Products

    Pool PowerLED, 10-40VDC

    Pool PowerLED 10-40VDC Recessed Light IMTRA Marine Pool PowerLED 10-40VDC Recessed Light. The brand

    $85.95 - $131.95

  • IMTRA Marine Products

    Camden PowerLED

    IMTRA Marine Camden PowerLED Recessed Light. The Camden PowerLED recessed light from Imtra Mari


  • Ripple Front

    IMTRA Marine Products

    Ripple PowerLED

    IMTRA Marine Ripple PowerLED Recessed Light. Featuring 2-wire power & dimming, Ripple easily rep

    $84.95 - $131.95

  • IMTRA Marine Products

    Rockport PowerLED

    IMTRA Marine Rockport PowerLED Recessed Light. The Rockport PowerLED recessed light from Imtra


  • IMTRA Marine Products

    Ventura PowerLED Bi-Color

    IMTRA Marine Ventura Bi-Color PowerLED Recessed Lights. The Ventura Bi-Color PowerLED Recessed