Underwater Lights

Underwater Boat Lights LED

Underwater Marine LED Lights. Underwater marine LED lights are installed onto your boat or yacht and can be either surface mounted or mounted from inside the hull. Apex Lighting carries underwater lights that utilize the most innovative underwater marine LED lighting technology. We carry through-hull lights as well as surface mounted LED lighting from top quality underwater marine LED lighting brands like Lumitec, SeaBlaze, IMTRA Lighting, Abyss LED, Shadow-Caster, Cantalupi and Ocean LED to give your boat or yacht the best in LED boat lighting. Take your yacht to the next level of elegance and design with Underwater Boat Lights from Apex Lighting.

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    Bluefin LED

    BluefinLED Great White GW16

    Bluefin LED Great White GW16 Underwater LED Light The Bluefin LED Great White GW16 Underwater LED B

    Was: $1,699.00
    Now: $1,529.00

  • OceanLED

    OceanLED 2010XFM HD Gen2

    OceanLED 2010XFM HD Gen2 Underwater LED Light The 2010XFM are exchangeable without hauling should s