LED Drivers

Drivers for LED Lighting

LED Lighting Drivers. Apex Lighting is the number one choice of retailers for LED lighting and LED lighting drivers. Without the proper power supply, adding LED lighting to your boat or truck can become inefficient. A high-quality LED driver from Apex Lighting will help to regulate power supply to your LED lighting for maximum efficiency. Using an improper LED lighting driver is a potential safety issue, as it can lead to an uneven and disrupted power supply. Apex Lighting carries the LED drivers you need to power your LED lighting on your marine vessel, truck, or in your home. Our LED drivers come in any configuration of voltage or wattage necessary to meet the needs of your LED lighting. We also have a variety of dimmable LED transformers for a custom LED lighting application. Choose Apex Lighting for all of your LED lighting driver and power supply needs.

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    240W LED Driver

    Mean Well 240W 24VDC / 12VDC LED Driver 240W LED Driver Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC Universal Ou


  • Apex

    320W LED Driver

    Mean Well 320W 24VDC / 12VDC LED Driver 320W LED Driver Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC Universal Ou