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G4 Bi-Pin

G4 Bi-Pin LED Bulbs

G4 Bi-Pin LED Replacement Bulbs. Apex Lighting has the best selection of G4 Bi-Pin LED replacement bulbs for marine application on your boat, yacht, or dock. Replace the outdated and inefficient halogen lighting on your marine vessel with our G4 Bi-Pin LED light bulbs and upgrade to super bright LED lighting. Enjoy the superior light output of clean, crisp LED lighting from these high quality G4 Bi-Pin LED light bulbs. Apex Lighting carries only the best LED light bulb brands for G4 Bi-Pin LED bulbs, like IMTRA Marine Products and TritonLED. To make the transition from dim halogen light bulbs to bright G4 Bi-Pin LED bulbs simple, we carry a full selection of LED bulbs that are easy to install. Apex Lighting is the best choice for all of your G4 Bi-Pin LED replacement light bulb needs.

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  • 2.2W LED Bulb G4 Side-Pin
  • LED G4 Bulb 1.5W Warm White
  • 2.2W LED Bulb G4 Back-Pin
  • 24VAC LED G4 Bulb
  • 3.5W LED G4 Bulb
  • Dual Color LED Bulb G4 1.6W Blue/Cool White
  • Dual Color LED Bulb G4 1.6W Red / Warm White
  • G4 Blue LED Bulb
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