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G4 Bi-Pin LED Bulbs

G4 Bi-Pin LED Bulbs

G4 Bi-Pin LED Replacement Bulbs. Apex Lighting has the best selection of G4 Bi-Pin LED replacement bulbs for your boat, yacht, or dock. Replace the outdated and inefficient halogen lighting on your marine vessel with our G4 Bi-Pin LED light bulbs and upgrade to super bright LED lighting. Enjoy the superior light output of clean, crisp LED lighting from these high quality G4 Bi-Pin LED light bulbs. Apex Lighting carries only the best LED light bulb brands for G4 Bi-Pin LED bulbs, like IMTRA Marine Products and TritonLED. To make the transition from dim halogen light bulbs to bright G4 Bi-Pin LED bulbs simple, we carry a full selection of LED bulbs that are easy to install. Apex Lighting is the best choice for all of your LED lighting and LED light bulb needs. We offer free shipping on all orders of $100 or more!

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  • 2.2W LED Bulb G4 Side-Pin
  • LED G4 Bulb 1.5W Warm White
  • 2.2W LED Bulb G4 Back-Pin
  • 24VAC LED G4 Bulb
  • 3.5W LED G4 Bulb
  • Dual Color LED Bulb G4 1.6W Blue/Cool White
  • Dual Color LED Bulb G4 1.6W Red / Warm White
  • G4 Blue LED Bulb
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