New Year, New Products!

Posted by Vanessa Guerrero on 6th Dec 2017

New Year, New LED Products!

With the new year around the corner, we are preparing to revamp our products. We know as a boat and a truck owner, you want the latest and the greatest to bring your ride to the next level. Not only are you required to have the perfect navigation lights on your vessel and truck, but you need them to ensure a safe operation.

Without further due, we have gathered the best upcoming products that will guarantee to change the game in the LED lighting industry.

Mantis Dock Lighting System

After its anticipated wait, the Mantis Dock Lighting System is finally here. The lighting package created and manufactured by Lumitec includes everything you need to transform your dock into a dazzling nighttime seascape. The Mantis Dock Lighting System combines the cutting edge of the Quattro Spectrum lights while adding the innovative Zip Mount system, and a completely new full-immersion rear sea and wire technology.

The complete kit includes everything you need for an easy installation, as it plugs into any stands switched outlet and can be mounted six inches below a typical low tide mark. The Manti's kit counts with 2000 Lumens per light, and once installed, you can select a full-color RGBW. Whether you want a cross-fade hue or bright fish-attracting white, The Mantis system has virtually any user-selected color output.

The Mantis Dock Lighting System retails at $1499.00


Mantis Dock

Rigid Industries - Radiance

If you are looking for a high-quality light, but at an attainable price, the Rigid Industries' Radiance is your perfect solution. The Radiance light is built of the same high-grade aluminum alloy housing as the legendary E-Series. For those who are not one hundred percent familiar with the E-Series, this is the light bar that set the standard in the industry through continuing advances in technology and superior engineering.

Moreover, the Radiance comes with a high impact polycarbonate lens, black exposed printed circuit board and optimized projecting Broad Spot optics; combining the attributes of a spot and flood beam pattern with a backlighting.

This piece is available in a wide spectrum of colors, adding a unique look to your ride. The Radiance light is for the customer who is looking to customize their car as only Rigid Industries can do it. With prices ranging from $300 to $760, and available in various sizes, Radiance, is the perfect performance LED lighting.


Bluefin LED - Piranha 24

Bluefin LED specializes in the design of cutting-edge LED underwater marine lights, and this upcoming January they will release their latest product, the Piranha 24. The P24 is crafted from the finest sourced components and materials and it comes with different model choices. The various models include the P24R, which is available in blue and white, and the P24CC, which comes in color changing RGBW MAP.

Additionally, this light is composed of high impact polymer lens with 60 degrees focused optics, gas-tight over molded cable, IP68 metal cable gland, and a billet AB2 marine grade bronze body. The unit includes all the hardware, meaning no trips to the store to buy screws or bolts.

The P24 is the most powerful LED underwater light for under $799.00 and comes with a 2-warranty, making it a no-brainer fixture to buy. Prep your boat for the Miami Boat Show with the P24 and get ready to transform your boat into a breath-taking night-time illumination.