Definition of Gimbal

Mirage Swivel Downlight (gimbal model)

A gimbal refers to the pivoting support that allows you to freely swivel an object, such as a light, in all directions. This support system enables you to control the direction of your light source.

Gimbal lights have a slightly recessed lens that’s attached to an axis, which allows it to tilt inside the trim for up to 35 degrees.

These light fixtures are ideal for sloped surfaces on your boat since you can adjust your lights to different angles and provide optimum lighting. Most gimbal lights are used on a sloped ceiling, but that doesn’t mean you can mount them on your wall.

The best part about the gimbal support is the stability it provides for lights. Once you point your light source in a particular direction, it will remain stable and level even when waves rock your boat. This helps maintain the visibility and safety of your crew and passengers.

Here are some more advantages to using gimbal lights:

  • Versatility: Since you can rotate your light in any direction, you can use it as a spotlight or for task or accent lighting.
  • Energy efficiency: LED gimbal lights use less power, which reduces the overall power consumption of your vessel.
  • Improved safety: Gimbal lights improve safety by providing stability even when your boat is moving. This improves visibility and reduces the risk of accidents or collisions on the waterways.

The Mirage Swivel Down Light is a gimbal model available in our online store. It has additional features, including dimming and color-changing modes, allowing you to customize the lighting of your boat.

Example of Gimbal in a Sentence

"Gimbal downlights provide perfect lighting in spaces where focus light is needed."

Synonyms: adjustable trim, eyeball trim

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