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Definition of Light Bulb Socket

light bulb socket adapter

The light bulb socket is a fixture that holds a light bulb and transmits an electric current to the bulb. This fixture allows light bulbs to be changed in a secure and practical manner, which saves money compared to replacing the entire light fixture.

Light bulb sockets come in different sizes and types, depending on the type of bulb they use.

types of light bulb socket

Some popular socket types include:

  • Edison screw socket
  • Pin socket
  • Bayonet mount

The socket holds the electrical wiring that connects the fixture to a power source and provides the final connection with the light bulb.

It’s important to use a light bulb that fits the lamp socket of your light fixture. Compatibility issues with your light bulb can cause electrical shocks and damage your boat’s lighting system.

That said, you can, however, use a bulb socket adapter to change the socket type to your desired light bulb.

For instance, if your fixture uses the B15 bayonet mount but you’d like to install a G4 back-pin bulb, use this socket adapter from Apex Lighting that’s compatible with the G4 LED bulbs.

Installation is easy; simply mount the adapter on the light bulb socket as you would a bulb. Once the adapter is secure, fix the G4 bulb pins on the two holes at the bottom.

Example of Light Bulb Socket in a Sentence

"A light bulb socket is part of a fixture that holds the bulb in place and connects it to the electrical supply."

Synonyms: light bulb holder, light socket, lamp socket, lamp holder

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