Definition of Transformer

A transformer is an electrical device used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction.

Transformers are able to transfer the current through the electromagnetic field created between the primary and secondary coils.

The primary coil is the circuit connected to the mains. More coils in the secondary circuit means an increase in power while fewer secondary coils mean a step down in voltage.

It can step up or step down the voltage of an alternating current (AC) power supply but it doesn’t change the waveform (sine wave) or the frequency (Hertz) of the voltage.

So, how can they work with LEDs which need a stable power supply?

Specialized LED transformers are designed to provide this stability in power supply.

They also have other features specially designed for better performance, efficiency, and lifespan for LED lights.

Specialized LED transformers:

  • Minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and voltage ripple, which can affect the performance of the LED lights
  • Allow for greater control and flexibility in the lighting system thanks to features, such as dimming or programmable output voltage/current settings
  • Have a lower output voltage and higher output current compared to general-purpose transformers, which suits LED light requirements. This prevents poor efficiency, excess heat generation, and reduced lifespan of the LED lights

diagram of how a transformer works

If your boat’s lighting setup is simple, an LED driver like the 20W LED Driver works very well.

However, if you have a long connection of LED lights or several lights in a parallel circuit, an LED transformer would be ideal to ensure you have the power supply you need. Be sure to check its load capacity and durability.

Example of Transformer in a Sentence

"The power plant uses a step-up transformer to increase the voltage of the electricity generated before it is transmitted over long distances through high-voltage power lines."

Synonyms: converter, adaptor, transducer

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