Hella 2 Group Light Dimmer

Brand : Hella Marine

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Hella 2 Group Light Dimmer

Sophisticated voltage regulation with a soft-start feature to& lengthen the life of a filament bulbs. The dimmer also provides low voltage protection against& deep battery discharge. When batteries are charged voltage can rise to 14.4V on 12V systems or 28.8V on 24V systems, this can shorten the life of bulbs.

The 2 Group Dimmer increases bulb life through sophisticated internal voltage regulation & ensuring the lighting circuit voltage does not rise above 12V or 24V. As halogen bulbs also& have a high inrush current on startup, the 2 Group Dimmer features soft-start to further& lengthen bulb life.

The dimmers low voltage protection also protects against deep battery discharge. & Lights will turn off automatically when battery voltage is lower than 9V on a& 12V system or lower than 18V on a 24V system. Lights can be switched on& again when the battery is charged and reaches 12V or 24V respectively.

  • Precise dimming control for 1 or 2 light groups
  • Voltage regulation & soft-start bulb protection
  • Low voltage battery protection
  • 12V and 24V DC

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