Hella 2 Group Light Dimmer

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Hella 2 Group Light Dimmer

The Hella 2 Group Dimmer incorporates advanced voltage regulation along with a gentle startup function, aimed at extending the operational lifespan of filament bulbs. Additionally, this dimmer offers a safeguard against low voltage situations that can result from deep battery discharges. In cases where batteries are recharging, the voltage can climb to 14.4V in 12V systems or 28.8V in 24V systems, potentially causing premature bulb failure. The 2 Group Dimmer addresses this concern by employing intricate internal voltage control to ensure that the voltage within the lighting circuit remains at or below 12V or 24V, thus promoting prolonged bulb longevity. Furthermore, as halogen bulbs tend to draw a substantial current when initially powered up, the 2 Group Dimmer includes a soft-start feature, further contributing to the extension of bulb life. The dimmer's low voltage protection mechanism also guards against deep battery discharge. Should the battery voltage fall below 9V in a 12V system or 18V in a 24V system, the lights will automatically switch off, only reactivating once the battery has recharged and attained the respective voltage thresholds of 12V or 24V.


Product Description:

  • Precise dimming control for 1 or 2 light groups
  • Voltage regulation & soft-start bulb protection
  • Low voltage battery protection
  • 12V and 24V DC
  • Max. Load: 200W @ 12V and 400W @ 24V
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