Installing a pair of Lumitec SeaBlaze X Underwater Light

Installing a pair of Lumitec SeaBlaze X Underwater Light

Posted by Petro P. on 14th Sep 2015

Installing a pair of Lumitec SeaBlaze X LED Underwater Lights

The Lumitec SeaBlaze X LED Underwater Lights are currently one of the most popular underwater lights on the market. Simply walk around any boat show and peek under the transom of most center consoles and you'll find a set of Lumitec SeaBlaze X or the older SeaBlaze 3 lights. 

They are priced under $400, made right here in the USA and put out almost 3000 Lumens each. It's tough to beat a deal like that, and that is the exact reason we chose a pair of Blue SeaBlaze X for our new Everglades Center Console Boat.

We chose a pair of blue Lumitec SeaBlaze X to go on the floating platforms and a single OceanLED A16 Colours for the center. This should give us plenty of light output (almost 10,000 Lumens!) while giving us the ability to cycle thru hundreds of colors on the OceanLED A16 light mounted just above the drain plug.

We recommend using painters tape to stick the included cutout template to the hull. Not only will this make sure you drill all the holes in the correct location, but it will also protect the gelcoat in the even the drill slips and scratches the surrounding area.

Be sure to test fit the Lumitec SeaBlaze X and make sure everything lines up perfectly.

Proceed to drill the 3 screw holes and counter-sink the edges a little so the gelcoat doesn't crack when inserting the screws. You can then drill the larger center hole for the cable. 

Apply plenty of 3M 4200 or 5200 sealant on the back of the fixture and allow the sealant to slowly "ooze" out all around the SeaBlaze while you wipe it off. This will ensure that the entire back of the light is sealed properly and no air pockets are created.

The end result is a great looking light spread that will last for years to come. Whether you select to go with the White, Blue, Green or White/Blue Dual Color model, you cannot go wrong with a set of Lumitec SeaBlaze X LED Underwater Lights for your boat. For 2016, Lumitec has a new, Full Color model being released called the SeaBlaxeX Spectrum. Keep an eye out for it!