Lumitec LED Rail Lights Mounted under the Gunnels

Lumitec LED Rail Lights Mounted under the Gunnels

Posted by Petro Ploumis on 29th Jul 2015

Mounting Lumitec Rail2 LED Lights under the Gunnels

Like many new boats nowadays, our new Everglades 243 boat came equipped with small LED lights under the gunnels. The factory lights looked decent at night, but we weren't too pleased with the output and that they we're only Blue in color. We wanted something brighter with the ability to change colors. 

We wanted to be able to switch to White when washing the boat or rigging baits, Red when under way and Blue when having a drink.

These Rail II LED lights by Lumitec are made in the USA and are available in 6" or 12". We opted for the Tri-Color (White, Red, Blue) in 12". These connect using just 2 wires and change colors by cycling your switch On>Off>On.

Factory equipped LED courtesy lights. These "cheap" little plastic LED lights are unfortunately very common on many new boats. 

We removed the small "Made in China" lights and replaced them with these 12" Lumitec Rail LED Lights. We opted to add the same type of connectors the factory used to make things easy.

Installation is very easy and should only take a few minutes to do. Simply use the included Stainless Steel screws to mount the new lights and plug the wires using the male/female connectors to the existing wires on the boat.

Not only are our new Lumitec Rail 2 LED Light much brighter, but we can now pick which color we want depending on what we're doing on the boat. Blue seems to be the favorite.

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