Lumitec Mirage Multi-Color LED Light - Mirage Recessed Light

Lumitec Mirage Multi-Color LED Light - Mirage Recessed Light

Posted by Petro Ploumis on 23rd Jul 2015

Lumitec Mirage LED on Everglades 243 Boat

Everglades makes some really nice boats and even installs some pretty nice two color (White/Blue) LED lights from the factory mounted into the hardtop. Yet, we still felt the need to replace the four LED lights mounted in the hardtop with something different, brighter and with more color options.

What brand of lights do you mount in a top of line boat? Nothing else but Made in the USA (Florida to be exact) Lumitec. The Lumitec Mirage Multi-Color LED Lights are a perfect replacement for the ITC brand lights that are pre-installed in the hardtop of most Everglades Boats. Not only to they fit perfectly into the existing holes, but they only use 2 wires instead of 3 wires the factory lights use. This frees up an entire circuit and switch on the panel to be used for something else.

The Lumitec Mirage are operated by simply toggling the switch from On>Off>On>Off which causes the Mirage to change from White>Blue>Red>Purple. Our Mirage we're customer made and included the color Green as well.

Remove the old bezel by twisting counter-clockwise, then remove the two screws securing the LED fixture to the hardtop. 

There should be 3 wires connecting the old fixtures to the boat. Simply unplug each one from their male/female connectors freeing the light fixture form the hardtop of the boat.

We opted to add new Female connectors to our new Lumitec Mirage LED lights to make installation as easy and as close to factory as possible. These marine connectors are crimped then heat shrunk releasing an adhesive which creates a 100% moisture-proof connection.

Just plug the new wire connectors back to the boat's side, install the Lumitec Mirage and you are done. The new lights give the boat's hardtop a much cleaner look. They just blend in a little better.

All 4 Lumitec Mirage lights set to Blue on our Everglades 243 Bay Boat.

All 5 LED Colors. Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Cool White.