The Best Underwater Lights For a Perfect Night of Fishing

The Best Underwater Lights For a Perfect Night of Fishing

Posted by Apex Lighting on 28th Mar 2018

The Best Underwater Lights For a Great Night of Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies for people in the United States.

Fishing at night provides a new experience and access to the marine life that hides during the day. To safely fish at nighttime, however, it is important to have quality lighting for your boat.

If you are ready to experience nighttime fishing, check out our list below for six great options for underwater lights!

1. BluefinLED Piranha P12

This Bluefin model is a perfect choice for boats from 30' to 65'. It is small enough that it can be mounted on a boat's side or the transom.

Installation is simple. All you need to do is drill a hole for the cable and fill with a sealant. Secure with screws that were included to ensure a safe and tight fit.

This underwater lighting option has a strobing feature as well and it covered in a composite to limit any unwanted marine growth.

2. OceanLED Xtreme Pro X16

If you are looking for one of the brightest options out there, be sure to check out the OceanLED Xtreme Pro X16. This model allows you to change colors, meaning you can attract different types of fish.

The strobe option is great to attract both fish and bait. This model is appropriate for all types of hulls and is easy to install.

Another benefit to this model compared to other underwater lights is that it does not require a ton of power while in use.

3. Lumitec SeaBlazeX

If you want a durable, military-grade option, the Lumitec SeaBlazeX is for you. All the wiring and circuits are located in a box to keep water out.

Another great thing about this light is that it can be used both under and above water. It's tiny so won't disrupt even the sleekest looking boats.

You also have the option of blue, white, or green lights.

4. Zambezi Pontoon Boat Light

The Zambezi Pontoon light is a quality, affordable option for your pontoon boat. It is durable and versatile. You can either have a white/blue split or grab a model that has red, green, blue, and white.

5. Bluefin LED Hammerhead H20

This underwater LED light will definitely impress you. This Bluefin LED model is made with marine grade bronze so it will last you for multiple seasons.

The Hammerhead H20 is designed to be mounted on the transom. Installation is simple. There are two wires to connect and five screws. You will need to drill one hole. This model also has a coating to reduce any marine growth.

This model is best for boats up to 105 feet and has thermal protection.

Catch Fish with Your Underwater Lights

If you choose any of these lighting options, you will greatly improve your nighttime fishing experience. No matter the type of fish you are hoping to attract, there is a solution for you.

Which option do you think you will try? Let us know in the comments and consider checking out these great lighting options for your dock!