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LED Rope Lighting by the Foot

Looking for an outdoor light with a bit of fun and decorative flare? Why not get a light that’s also functional for your dock? With rope lights, you can have the best of both worlds.

Better still? We make it possible to get the lighting you need at a price that works for your budget.

What is a Rope Light?

Rope lights are a common decorative lighting fixture found in indoor lighting displays in homes and commercial premises during the holidays.

Nowadays, you can now fix these small, PVC-encased LED bulbs on your cabin, deck, or even the sides of your boat for an outdoor lighting fixture that’s beautiful, functional, and a great safety tool.

Benefits of LED Rope Lights

Whether you string them up as an indoor lighting display in your boat or you use them for outdoor applications, rope lighting help your boat look good and stay safe, along with other great benefits for boaters:

  • Highly customizable: At Apex Lighting, we sell our rope light strings by the foot so that you only purchase the lighting you need.
  • Easy to install: Installing rope lights is a do-it-yourself task, which means you don’t need to hire a professional to get functional outdoor safety lighting or pleasant indoor lighting displays.
  • Energy-efficient: Our lighting products are not only long-lasting but also energy-efficient.

LED Rope Light Strings by the Foot

Our waterproof rope light strings are sold by the foot. To order yours, please enter the total required quantity of rope light in the "Quantity" field.

Rope Light Highlights

  • Clear outer PVC tubing
  • Fully Waterproof suitable for Marine Applications
  • Available color options include: Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue or Green
  • Field cuttable
  • Only 3/8" diameter
  • CE -EMC and UL 2388 Listed

Technical Specs

  • 0.02 amps/foot or 0.87 watts/foot
  • Available in 12VDC or 24VDC (contact us for 120VAC)
  • Dimmable using a low voltage dimmer
  • Bulb spaced every 1"
  • 3/8" Diameter
  • Cuttable every 3” (12V) / 6” (24V)
  • Maximum run 32’ (12V) / 65’ (24V)
  • Suitable in temperatures -4F to 122F

Required Parts:

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Tips to Install and Power Your Lights

Our LED rope lights are sold by the foot. For example, if you require 50', you will enter 50 in the Quantity field above the Add To Cart button. If you need multiple sections, you can simply add them all up, order the overall length, and cut it down to size once you receive it. The rope light strings can be cut with a pair of scissors at every 6".

For each section of rope light strings, you will also need a power cord kit, an end cap, and perhaps some clips to help keep it secure in place. You can also use zip ties to hold the rope light in place.

Powering the rope light is simple. Simply connect the power cord to a 12VDC or 24VDC (depending on the model purchased). Power can come from a DC battery (standard marine or automotive battery) or a LED driver if working with 120VAC circuits. Be sure not to connect the low voltage rope light to 120V/220V.

Special Note for Residential/Commercial Building Use

Our low voltage (12V or 24V) rope light may also be used for residential/commercial use. However, you will need to order an AC adapter separately. Please visit our Power Supply page for a selection of both AC transformers and AC to DC LED converters.