Bluefin LED Great White 48 Color Changing

Brand : Bluefin LED

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Bluefin LED Great White 48 Color Changing Underwater LED Light


The redesign BluefinLED Great White GW48 underwater color changing LED Light is guaranteed to give you the best lumens to dollar ratio in the industry. This powerful light will allow you to illuminate 11,000 fixture lumens and its low profile bezel will give you unlimited mounting options. An additional benefit that was added to the Great White Underwater LED light is the thru hull mounting design that allows you to easily change or fix the LED cartridge without the need for hauling your boat or yacht. 

The color changing option allows you to pick between strobed, dimmed or the sequenced feature. If you want to pick a single color just simply hold on to the on/off switch and wait until you find your desired color and just let, go. 

Installing your underwater just got a lot easier with the built in driver technology, all you need to do is connect two wires to your on/off switch and you are ready to go. The Bluefin LED Great White comes with a Guard X protective coating on the lens preventing any marine growth built up. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I install these lights? 

     Answer: You will have to drill a hole of 2.5” and connect the 2 wires. Thanks to the built in driver these lights can be connected directly to an on/off switch. No need for external drivers or power supplies. 

Can I wire all 4 lights to one switch? 

     Answer: Yes, you can wire as many lights as you need to a single switch as long as you don't exceed the switch's AMP rating. 

Model: GW48-IFM-CC403
Voltage: 24 VDC
Current: 6.5A@24v
Watts: 150W
Colors: Color Changing
Lumens: 11,000 Lumens
Hole Cut-Out for cable: 4"
Material: Lens: optical grade high impact polymer, 60-degree beam angle, Body: Composite w/guard X coating prevents marine growth
Country of Origin: Made in UK

Warranty: 2 Years

  • Suitable transom mounting
  • Surface mount interchangeable requires 101mm/4" entry hole
  • Recommended for boats up to 30m/105+ft
  • Fixture Lumens up to 11'000
  • Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 + hours
  • Voltage 24v, Power Draw 6.5A
  • For Mains voltage systems purchase our 110/240V PSU
  • Over voltage, current, reverse polarity, active thermal protection
  • Fixture profile 4mm,0.16"
  • Fixture diameter 140mm,5.5"
  • Fixture Length 123.7mm,4.87"
  • Lens: optical grade 8mm Borosilicate glass,65 degree beam angle
  • Body AB2 Bronze throughout
  • Weight 5.2kg/11.44lbs
  • External Driver
  • Delrin Isolation Sleeve must be used if fitting lights to Aluminum or Steel hull


Bluefin LED Great White Color Changing LED Specs

10-30V DC
4" Hole
Color Changing

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