OceanLED Xtreme PRO X8

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OceanLED Xtreme X4 Pro Underwater Light

New Amphibian Pro Xtreme underwater LED lights are extremely bright, our brightest Amphibians ever, more than double the brightness of the previous Amphibian Pro Series equivalents. The larger models (X8 Pro and XP6 Pro) besides the basic Green, Blue and White models also feature 'Colors' color-change models; toggle between 8 different colors, strobe 8 different colors, or scroll between 8 different color scene variations. Exceptionally easy to install on the transom or hull; use underwater to light up your wake and create incredible nighttime lighting effects, and the new strobe feature is ideal for attracting fish and bait. Maintenance is easy due to its Tritonium coating (available on all OceanLED lights); just wipe away marine growth without worry of scratching. Built-in driver, ultra low power draw, no start-up current required, reverse polarity protection. Suitable for all types of hulls.


Product Highlights:

  • Colors: White, Blue, Green or Color Changing
  • Minimal Power Requirements
  • Chemically Inert, Rust Free Body
  • Tritonium Lens - Scratch Sea Growth Resistant
  • No External Parts
  • For Underwater Use Only
  • 316 Stainless Steel Bezel 


Technical Specs:

  • Voltage 12-24vDC
  • Amp Draw 0.8A @ 12V / 0.4A @ 24V 
  • Lumens 1150
  • 60 degree Beam angle
  • 60 degree top angleMinimun Maximun Operating Voltage 
  • Mounting Hole Diameter 0.5’ 
  • Color Output Midnight or Ultra White


What's in the Box:

  • (1) OceanLED  PX 8 with White Bezel
  • (4) Mounting Straps with screws
  • (1) Instruction Manual w/ Template


Our Report:

Meet the X4’s big brother! The OceanLED X8 casts a powerful 2,300 Lumens from it’s compact design. Install is completed with minimal work with only 4 screws and it comes with an included white bezel. Just like the X4 and X16, the X8 comes equipped with their special Tritonium coating to save hours of removing marine growth, all you need to do is periodically wipe it away with a cloth. Color options offered of Midnight Blue, Ultra White, or Multi-color to help matching your overall colors on your vessel or provide the perfect accent light for your craft. For our customers who love to fish the OceanLED X-series lights all come with an exceptionally bright, random strobe option that is proven to attract more fish.

10-30V DC
Surface Mount
Single Color
Color Changing

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