Accent Lighting

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Definition of Accent Lighting

Accent lighting involves using concentrated light beams to highlight and focus on outstanding features within a space, such as beautiful artwork or a cozy nook in your boat cabin.

Accent lighting is used primarily for aesthetics and is layered onto ambient lighting in your vessel. Think of lighting up a special piece of art, handcrafted wood finishes, or even pearlescent and metallic accents on the custom cabinetry in your yacht.

Boat owners often use them functionally in areas where they need limited, targeted lighting without glare—for example, marina walkways, docks, boat decks during night travel, courtesy lights, and step lights.

“ … I used these accent lights to illuminate the deck of the boat on night dives. I wanted lights that would keep people from tripping or falling without going blind.” John H., United States

LED Pathway Light from Apex Lighting lighting up a dock

Accent lighting needs to be three times the level of brightness of ambient light available in a space in order to provide an effective focal point.

The brighter your ambient light is, the brighter the accent lighting you’ll need. Conversely, if it’s fully dark, the accent lights you choose can be dim yet still effective.

In practice: With a 100-lumen light, such as the 4-Color LED Downlight, on your boat’s interior ceiling, you would need a 300-lumen light for your accent lighting, for example, the GAI Positionable Light.

Example of Accent Lighting in a Sentence

"LED lights are fantastic for accent lighting to pin-point objects and give a powerful punch of light wherever it’s needed."

Synonyms: highlighting

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