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Definition of Combination Light

See Sidelight

A combination light is a sidelight that combines both the red light (port) with the green light (starboard) into one fixture, which is then mounted onto the center of the boat’s bow.

This combined side light can only be used for boats that are under 65 feet long. Bigger vessels require separated sidelights, as shown in the diagram below.

diagram of bow light placement

Most combination lights these days are LED bulbs because they run brighter, consume less power, and last longer than all other options. They’re also lighter and more compact for vessels traveling light.

NaviLED PRO Bi-Color Navigation Light from Apex Lighting

The NaviLED PRO Bi-Color Navigation Light is waterproof (IP67), has high impact resistance, a minimum visible distance of 2 NM and a power consumption of 2 watts.

These are all key characteristics as you want your combination light to be:

  • Durable, waterproof and rated for marine environments
  • Visible from 2 NM, within an uninterrupted arc of 112.5 degrees to adhere to safety regulations
  • Energy efficient since it’ll be on for hours, as long as the boat is underway at night

Example of Combination Light in a Sentence

"For smaller boats below 65 feet in length, a combination light suffices provided it’s visible from at least one nautical mile away. "

Synonyms: side light

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