Marine Grade Lighting

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Definition of Marine Grade Lighting

Marine grade lighting refers to high-quality light fixtures made out of durable material in order to withstand harsh marine conditions. With proper maintenance, they can last anywhere between 10–25 years.

On boats, they’re used to illuminate areas exposed to the elements, for example, navigation lights, recessed lights, underwater lights, and dock piling lights.

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Due to their durability, marine grade lights also lend themselves well to outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and commercial lighting.

They’re particularly useful in coastal areas, up to 15 km inland, and in farther inland areas prone to severe weather events, such as tornadoes.

The advantages of marine grade lights are numerous including:

  • Resistance to salt water corrosion and rust since they’re made from stainless steel and aluminum
  • Thermal management features such as ventilation and heat sinks to prevent damage from extreme temperature ranges
  • Durability, enabling them to last up to 25 years with proper maintenance
  • Energy efficiency, especially those using LED technology consume a fraction of the power of incandescent lights
  • Enhanced marine visibility thanks to optics, such as reflectors, which minimize glare and light pollution while improving the brightness of the light

The disadvantages of marine grade lights mostly relate to the significant cost and difficulty that may be associated with the installation with some specialized marine grade fixtures. That said, the investment is worthwhile as these lights can last for decades.

Example of Marine Grade Lighting in a Sentence

"Installing marine grade lighting is crucial if you live on the seaside or near a lake"

Synonyms: coastal grade lighting

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