Lumens Output


Definition of Lumens Output

Lumens output refers to the amount of light that a light fixture produces per second. It’s measured in lumens (lm).

It is an important factor to consider when choosing lighting for a boat, as it determines the brightness and effectiveness of the light.

LED lights have a higher lumens output, meaning they produce higher lumens per watt compared to traditional bulbs.

What does this mean for boat lighting options?

Essentially, LED lights can provide the same amount of brightness while consuming less energy and producing less heat, which is especially important for boat lighting where energy efficiency is crucial.

Take for example the LED Mirage - Flush Mount Down Light, which gives off 300 lumens suitable for a boat’s interior or exterior lighting, and consumes only 6 watts. To produce the same brightness level, halogen and incandescent lights would require 15–21 watts.

See Lumen for more.

“Easy to install, excellent quality and light. Great replacement for the old gold light fixtures in our boat. Looks more modern and with less amp draw.” Gregory, United States

Example of Lumens Output in a Sentence

"The lumens output of this LED bulb is 800 lumens, which is equivalent to the brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb"

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