Mast Lights


Definition of Mast Lights

Mast lights are lights installed on the mast of a sailing vessel or a boat to increase visibility and safety at night or in low-light conditions.

They are typically white in color and are placed at the top of the mast, where they can be seen from a distance.

Mast lights come in different types and sizes, depending on the size and type of the vessel.

Some common types of mast lights include:

  • Steaming lights: Communicate the direction of travel while underway
  • Anchor lights: used when the vessel is at anchor or moored, and are required by law in most countries
  • Tricolor lights: indicate the location and direction of sailboats smaller than 65 feet to other boats
Type Of Mast Light Light Color Visibility Distance Arc Of Visibility
Masthead light White 3 nautical miles 225 degrees
Steaming light White 2 nautical miles 112.5 degrees
Anchor light White 2 nautical miles 360 degrees
Tricolor light Red, green, and white 2 nautical miles 360 degrees
All-round white light White 2 nautical miles 360 degrees

Example of Mast Lights in a Sentence

"During the night, the mast light ensured that the vessel was visible to other boats while it was moored in the harbor."

Synonyms: navigation light, running light, and signal light

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