Definition of Splice

Splice is a technique of joining two or more electrical wires together by intertwining their strands so as to create a secure and reliable connection between them.

For example, a splice may be needed to connect the wiring of a boat light to the boat's electrical system.

One of the key things to remember when choosing splicing methods is that the joint must be secure enough to avoid loose wires that’ll fry the circuit.

Secondly, it needs to conform with the protection ratings of the device. For example, if you’re splicing the LED Stern Light 3NM to the stern of your boat, you’ll want a waterproof connector, such as a heat-shrinking tubing, or silicone wire nut.

Now let’s briefly look at some of the most common splicing methods:

  • Wire nut or splice connector: A plastic or metal cap screws onto the ends of two or more wires and twists them together to create a secure connection.
  • Crimp connectors: Metal tubes are crimped onto the ends of wires using a special crimping tool, thus holding the wires in place in the tube.
  • Soldering: A metal alloy (solder) is melted onto the ends of wires to create a permanent bond, creating a strong, low-resistance connection.
  • Heat-shrink tubing: Plastic tubing that shrinks when heated creates a tight, protective seal around the wires. This method is often used in automotive and marine applications as it’s waterproof.
  • Tap splice: A tap splice involves cutting into an existing wire and splicing in a new wire using a splice connector or other method. This method is often used in automotive and other applications where a new wire needs to be added to an existing circuit.

Example of Splice in a Sentence

"She made an electrical splice by connecting the wires from the old light fixture to the wires of the new one."

Synonyms: join, connect

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