LED Pathway Light

Brand : AquaLuma

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The LED Pathway Light is made from cast stainless steel is designed for many applications including marina walkways, driveways, parks and anywhere an illumination is required without glare. The pathway light throws a flat, wide beam of light to produce accent lighting and safety lighting to areas where pedestrian traffic is likely. The color output can be mixed for a path it can be white on the path side and green on the lawn side. Also available in white and blue combination for marina’s. Combinations can be customized.

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect for Docks, Pathways or Driveways
  • Can be driven over by car/truck
  • Single or Dual Color
  • Low Voltage - Draws very little power
  • 2 year warranty
  • Super slim profile
  • Throws a wide flat beam with no upwards glare
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by Aqualuma


Technical Specs:

  • 12V AC / DC
  • 3 Watts
  • Beam Angle 120 Degrees
  • Housing 316 marine grade Stainless Steel
  • IP66 Rated (Fully Waterproof)
  • Comes with 6' of marine grade cable
  • Reverse polarity protected


What's in the Box:

  • (1) Pathway Light


Our Report:

Lighting up your dock, patio or pathway is what it's all about. Once you see these cast Stainless Steel lights in person, you'll be very impressed with the quality and finish of the product. Use them for patio lights around the perimeter of your patio, or perhaps along a pathway to accent the edges, or maybe along the edge of the dock to illuminate the deck between the pilings.

The pathway led lights are very slim and have a tapered design making them hard to trip over when walking along the dock. Outdoor pathway lighting is available in various LED colors, you can also get them with one side one color and the other side another color.

Most of the time these are mounted on the floor, however they can also be mounted onto a the face of a flat piling. This would illuminate downwards on the floor as well as up the wall/piling. Each Aqualuma pathway light comes with a 6' marine grade cable that will need to be extended and wired directly to a 12V low voltage transformer. You will probably want to put these on a timer to come on from dusk to dawn or a photocell.

2-Year Warranty

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