LED Landscape Lighting Ideas for You

LED Landscape Lighting Ideas for You

Posted by Apex Lighting on 5th Mar 2020

LED Landscape Lighting

Enhance both the safety and the beauty of your exterior property. Accent decks, docks, buildings, outside floral arrangements, stairs, patios, pools – the list goes on and on. Use led landscape lighting to improve your home or business’ look while also making access to your home’s or office’s exterior safer and easier. We offer high quality products to make your landscape really shine, including led low voltage landscape lighting, outdoor transformers, and LED solar operated lights, when ease of installation and lack of power is required.

You would be surprised what some basic LED lights can do for almost any outdoor space. Whether it’s a boat dock, patio, deck, backyard, or path, even a single landscape light can drastically improve its appearance and performance after dark.

What Are Your Goals?

Think about why you want to light up your landscape. Is the point to see better at night or simply to accent part of your garden area? Defining your goals will help you better determine what kinds of landscape light fixtures you need and where to place them in your yard.

Release Your Inner Artist

Make a simple drawing of the areas in your landscape that you want to light up. Include all of the current outside lighting, plants, decorations, and structures. Make note of the current and possible future height of any plants. This will help you to figure out spacing and layout for your updated exterior lighting plan.

Location, Location, Location

Now, choose where you want to install your new garden lights. Think about what sort of effects different landscape lights and their location will have on your yard, both for beauty and security.

Buy the Best Landscape Lighting you can afford

Select exactly what types of outdoor light fixtures you want, and exactly where you want them to go. As you go through the selection process, think about any possible future upgrades you might make to your landscaping. For example, if you were to add a new hardscape to your yard, you may want to install a plastic conduit in the ground so that wiring can be run later.

Low Voltage Transformer – Do I Need One?

Some landscape lighting can be powered directly through an outdoor electrical outlet (120V AC), but low voltage (12-24V DC) landscape lights require a transformer or LED driver. When adding landscape low voltage lighting, we suggest a transformer with enough wattage to handle any future upgrades you might make. The price difference of a 150W transformer to a 250W is usually only $30-50.

LED Solar Landscape Lighting

LED Solar lighting is the single most energy efficient type of outdoor lighting available because it requires no electricity to function. It is also very low maintenance – other than the occasional wipe down to remove dirt or dust from the solar panel, you won’t have to even think about them. Since they’re LED, they won’t burn out or need replacing bulbs for years and years, and they are usually automatic with a photocell, so you don’t have to remember to switch them on or off every night. Best of all, they are a one-time purchase, you never have to worry about running up your electric bill. Check out our selection of outdoor led solar lights below:

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