Why Solar Dock Lights are a Good Choice - Solar Dock Lights

Why Solar Dock Lights are a Good Choice - Solar Dock Lights

Posted by Apex Lighting on 9th Apr 2018

Keeping your dock lit without spending a lot of money on electricity and wiring sounds great, right?! Of course it does!

With solar dock lights, you get all of the benefits of having a well-lit dock without any of the hassles of installing and maintaining traditional dock lights.

Need further convincing? Read on to learn more about why dock lights that are solar powered are a good choice:

They Save You Money

One of the biggest benefits of installing outdoor solar lighting in your marina or on your dock is the immediate cut in costs on your electricity bill.

In fact, depending on where you live switching to solar could save you anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000.

With the savings that solar-powered lights will create you could make further upgrades to your marina or the boat in it!

They're More Eco-Friendly

Another important benefit of choosing solar dock lights over the traditional options is the fact that they end the need to run electricity to them constantly.

Because of this, you'll be cutting back significantly on the footprint you'll be leaving on the environment. Then, you can feel even better about all of the other benefits associated with solar lighting!

Good Lighting Creates Better Safety

There are a handful of avoidable safety issues that can be resolved by proactively choosing the right lighting solution for your dock. The last thing you want to happen is to have a boat to miss your dock and hit it because it isn't lit and can't be seen in the night.

Another unfortunate circumstance caused by an unlit dock is accidents involving those walking on and using the dock in the evening hours.

Thanks to solar powered lights relying fully on the light of the sun, even during events where electricity may not be available you'll still be able to rest assured that your dock is safe and well-lit.

Most are Automated for Ease of Use

When choosing the best solar powered dock lights for your needs one of the biggest considerations should be how you plan to use them and where you'll be putting them in correlation with how much sunlight that area receives.

As most solar dock lights are self-contained they're easy to install and even easier to maintain. You simply place them where desired and enjoy a brightly lit space with no wires or electricity needed!

However, if you plan to place them somewhere on the shadier side there's always the option of having a solar panel installed in a sunnier spot and having your lights connected to it.

Choose Solar Dock Lights

If you're looking for new lighting solutions, then keep in mind all of the benefits that solar dock lights have to offer.

Go solar and save money, save the environment, and keep your dock or marina safer.

We're happy to help with all your lighting needs. When you make the choice to switch to solar powered dock lights check out these awesome options!