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Lumitec Pico Expansion Modules for Poco Controller

Pico S-8 and C-4 Expansion Modules are designed to expand the power and reach of the Poco Digital Lighting Control system, making it possible to control other manufacturers’ luminaires and lighting accessories which do not have sophisticated PLI technology built-in. Pico modules are small, robust, completely sealed, and mount on bulkheads or in-line. Their power and versatility greatly simplify rigging and reduce material costs for builders, and open up new possibilities for retrofit applications.

The Pico C-4 module provides Poco or TTP control of third party RGB or RGBW lighting accessories. This means that everything from lighted speakers, to cupholders, to yacht letters can be controlled through the Poco system and seamlessly integrated into the vessel’s overall lighting scheme. On vessels not equipped with the Poco system, the Pico C-4 provides control of color and intensity through any normal on/off switch, using Lumitec’s field-proven TTP protocol. The Pico P-1 acts as an in-line solid-state relay, controlling any large load up to 20 Amps with on/off and PWM dimming control*. When used in conjunction with a Poco system, lights and other loads can be controlled through an on-board MFD, smartphone or tablet. 

Product Highlights:

  • The Pico C-4 provides control of color and intensity of 3rd party RGBW lights
  • The Pico S-8 provides the ability to assign virtual commands to physical switches
  • Compatible with non Lumitec products
  • Pico C-4 module provides Poco or TTP control of third RGB or RGBW
  • 3-Year Warranty


Technical Specs:

  • Voltage 10-30vDC
  • Pico C-4 Module Amp Draw 2.5A 
  • Pico S-8 Module Amp Draw 0.1A


Pico C4 Video: