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BluefinLED Piranha P6 Nitro Underwater LED Light

We sell lots of different LED underwater lights, but the BluefinLED Piranha P6N is one of our favorites, and best selling underwater lights. Made in the United Kingdom with nothing but the best materials in the industry, 2-year warranty and affordable price. The Piranha P6 is perfectly suited for boats in the 20' to 45' range. Smaller boats can use the Piranha P3 (3 LEDs instead of 6), and larger boats can use the Barracuda B12 (12 LEDs instead of 6). 

The Piranha P6 puts out 3500 Lumens which is a significant amount of light for a small, compact light costing under $400.00. The P6 is compact enough that they can be mounted on the transom as well as the sides of the boat's hull. 

Installing the BluefinLED Piranaha P6N is a breeze. Simply drill a 3/8" hole for the cable, fill with an approved marine sealant (3M 4200/5200) and mount using the 3 supplied SS screws. Make sure to only use the included screws as they are the correct diameter and have the correct seat shape and will not crack or distort the fixture.

Connect the P6N lights to any existing On/Off switch or add a new On/Off switch to operate. Turn your switch to the ON position once to turn the light on, turn your switch OFF and back ON to have it Strobe. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I run these lights out of the water?

Answer: Yes, although we recommend installing these lights under the water, they can be used outside the water without causing any harm to them. They have a built-in overheat protection that will dim them down to 50% intensity until they cool at which point they will resume at 100% intensity.

Can I wire all 4 lights to one switch?

Answer: Yes, you can wire as many lights as you need to a single switch as long as you don't exceed the switch's AMP rating. Each light draws 3.5 Amps, so 4 lights would require a switch with at least a 15 Amp rating (most switches are 20-30 Amps). 

What is the warranty?

Answer: All BluefinLED lights come with a 2-year warranty.

What color would you recommend putting on my boat?

Answer: The choice of color is a personal preference, but by far the best selling color is Blue. The second most popular color is White, followed by Green. If you can't decide on color, you can always go with the P6N Color Changing which can be set to any color or fade from one color to another. 


Models: P6N-SM-W103, P6N-SM-B104, P6N-SM-G105

Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
Current: 3.5A @ 12VDC
Watts: 25W
Colors: Blue, White, or White/Blue Dual Color
Lumens: 3500 Lumens
Hole Cut-Out for cable: 3/8"
Material: Lens: optical grade high impact polymer, 60 degree beam angle Body: Composite w/ guard X coating prevents marine growth
Country of Origin: Made in UK


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