All Round Lamp


Definition of All Round Lamp

An all-round lamp is a type of navigation light used by powered boats that displays an unbroken white light over an arc of the horizon of 360 degrees. No person or part of the marine vessel should obstruct the all-round light.

Its purpose is to inform other boats of the direction of the boat. Therefore, it must be visible from a distance of 2 NM (nautical miles) for boats smaller than 165 feet in length. Visibility increases to 3 nautical miles for bigger boats.

A power-driven vessel must display the all-round white light when the boat is:

  • Less than 23 feet in length, and the speed does not exceed 7 knots
  • Less than 39.4 feet in length, in which case the all-round light must be at least 3.3 feet above the sidelights
  • Less than 164 feet in length, anchored at night, or attached to a registered buoy mooring

diagram showing all round lamp positioning

diagram showing all round lamp positioning on anchored boat

For a sailing vessel that's less than 65 feet in length, the all-round light is not a white light but a combination light of red and green, for example, the LED Tri-Color with Anchor Lamp from Apex Lighting.

figure showing all-round light placement for a sailboat

The light fitting you choose must be waterproof, UV, chemical, and high impact resistant, as well as having 2 NM visibility.

The 2NM All Round LED Anchor Lamp (8 inch) is a fantastic fitting option.

2NM All Round LED Anchor Lamp from Apex Lighting

Example of All Round Lamp in a Sentence

"A boat’s all-round lamp is visible from a distance of 2 nautical miles whether a boat is moving or anchored."

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