Definition of Dimmable

The word dimmable literally means adjustable in intensity.

Any lighting product that’s referred to as dimmable can be adjusted to emit different levels of brightness. A dimming device, such as a dimmer switch or a wireless dimmer, is used to adjust the brightness of the light fixture.

This feature is made possible by special circuitry inside the lighting, which enables the light fixtures to respond to different voltages and current waveforms as prompted by the dimming device.

The best part about dimmable light fixtures is their versatility.

At full brightness, they’re perfect for task lighting, such as reading a book or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

When the brightness is reduced, the same light fixtures can be used for ambient lighting to create a certain mood, such as a romantic setting.

If you’re in a cabin with limited space, then dimmable light fixtures are ideal for you. They’ll give you full control over the brightness of your lighting so you can switch to different forms of lighting depending on your activities.

By reducing the light output when full brightness is not needed, dimmable lighting products also help you save energy.

Example of Dimmable in a Sentence

Dimmable wall lights will allow you to adjust the lighting to create a cozy, relaxing ambiance for a dinner party.

Synonyms: adjustable

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