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Definition of Wireless Dimmer

RF Remote for 30602 Dimmer 4-Zone

A wireless dimmer is a lighting accessory that allows you to control the intensity of a light source without being physically connected to it. This device uses radio frequency signals to communicate with a control module, which then relays the signals to a light fixture.

Though the wireless dimmer itself doesn’t need a physical connection to the light source, the control module receiving the signal does. Control modules adjust the amount of power sent to the light source, thereby adjusting the light output.

Control modules also allow connection to multiple light fixtures and lighting configurations, allowing you to use one wireless dimmer for multiple fixtures on your vessel.

For instance, the LED Dimmer 10–40 VDC supports direct current switching of up to 7 A per channel in PowerLED Downlights. It’s therefore compatible with the 12-volt and 24-volt lighting systems used in most marine vessels.

Some light fixtures also have integrated microprocessors that allow dimming without the need for an outside control. One such example is the Lumitec Rail II LED Strip Light that’s available on the Apex Lighting store.

Wireless dimmers offer convenience since you don’t have to move an inch to create your preferred outdoor or indoor accent lighting.

Some wireless dimmers, such as the Wireless RGBW 4-Zone RF Remote, also offer additional features such as color-changing modes.

You don’t need to get up from your comfy couch position to adjust the intensity of your cabin’s light. With just a flick of a button, you can control the brightness of your dimmable lights and create the perfect evening onboard with the RF Remote Dimmer from Apex Lighting.

Example of Wireless Dimmer in a Sentence

"I used a wireless dimmer to reduce the brightness of my recessed downlights and create the perfect atmosphere for movie night."

Synonyms: smart dimmer, LED controller

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