Flood Beam


Definition of Flood Beam

A flood beam is a wide beam of light that is typically used to illuminate large areas with a broad and even spread of light.

For boat lighting, flood beams are commonly used to provide lighting for navigation, docking, fishing, and other activities that require a broad and consistent beam of light.

Floodlights are designed to illuminate a wide area; therefore, they typically have a beam angle ranging between 45–120 degrees. In this way, they’re able to offer even lighting with good peripheral vision, without creating harsh shadows or glare.

Flood beam lights are typically used as spreader lights for fishing and to light the way at night. They are also excellent deck and dock lights, illuminating tasks such as fishing, bait rigging, and anchoring.

Flood beam lights come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and power consumption. Let’s compare three lighting options in the table below.

Flood Beam Light Amp Draw Brightness In Lumens Size Light Color

Lumitec Razor Light Bar from Apex Lighting

Lumitec Razor Light Bar

4.2–9 A 10,000 18 inches White, dimmable

Caprera 3 LED Flood Light from Apex Lighting

Caprera 3 LED Flood Light

0.5–1 A 1,200 3.79 inches
  • Full color RGBW
  • White and red
  • White and blue
  • Dimmable

Caprera 2 LED Flood Light DUAL COLOR from Apex Lighting

Caprera 2 LED Flood Light DUAL COLOR

0.6–1.3 A 1,000 4.49 inches
  • White and blue
  • White and red

Rigid 321113 D-XL Series Pro 4

Rigid 321113 D-XL Series Pro 4" Flood

4.93 A 7,128 4 inches White

Example of Flood Beam in a Sentence

"The flood beam of the deck light illuminated the deck, making it easy to prepare our bait."

Synonyms: wide beam, area beam, ambient beam, spread beam, floodlight, flood pattern, flood spread

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