Definition of Floodlight

A floodlight is a light that provides a broad beam of intense light over a wide area. They’re typically used to light up large areas of the upper deck as work lights, docking lights, and driving lights.

The name “floodlight” comes from the fact that they flood a large area with bright, even light.

To achieve this bright, even light, there are important features to consider when choosing a floodlight for your boat:

  • Voltage: Before purchasing a floodlight, ensure that it’s compatible with your vessel’s voltage, whether it’s 12 V or 24 V to avoid malfunction
  • Light intensity: As a rough guide, 2000 lumens is bright enough to light the fore or aft deck or the periphery of the boat as you dock. Go brighter if you wish to light a bigger area in the water.
  • Light Temperature: A cool white light at 2000 lumens is much brighter or illuminates further than a yellow light at the same intensity. Most boats use cool white light of about 5000 Kelvin, but yellow light works better for sailing in foggy areas.
  • Adjustability: A dimming feature allows you to adjust the brightness of a floodlight to suit the task, making the light more versatile. The Lumitec Capri2 Flush Mount Cockpit Flood Light carries this feature.
  • Marine grade rating: Make sure the light fixture is marine grade, meaning waterproof, UV resistant, and shock resistant

All Apex Lighting floodlights are IP67 (waterproof) and marine grade.

Example of Floodlight in a Sentence

"Our LED floodlights provide the brightness equivalent of a 300 watts halogen lamp while consuming 10 percent of the power."

Synonyms: fog lamp, flood lamp

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