Deck Lights


Definition of Deck Lights

Deck lights are the type of lighting used to illuminate various activities on the upper deck of a boat.

Deck lights serve several functions. They:

  • Help to prevent accidents and injuries by providing adequate light for safe movement on the deck (courtesy lights)
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of a boat, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for passengers and guests
  • Can also help to comply with marine lighting regulations and avoid fines or penalties when properly installed and used

The purpose and location of the deck light determines whether you choose a floodlight, spotlight, or rope lights.

Floodlights make great deck lights where there’s plenty of activity on the deck, for example bait rigging, or fishing. The Lumitec Capri 2 LED Flush Mount Flood Light is one such light.

flood lights as deck lighting

Alternatively, you might want to have softer lighting if you use your deck recreationally. Rope lights, such as LED Rope Light Per Foot or recessed courtesy lights, such as the dimmable Pool PowerLED can be installed on the deck or under the gunnel for an ambient glow.

LED courtesy lights under the gunnel

Deck lights come in a variety of configurations:

  • Can be either surface-mounted or recessed into the deck.
  • Made of durable materials capable of withstanding exposure to harsh marine environments, such as stainless steel, brass, or aluminum
  • Equipped with customizable features, such as color-changing, adjustable brightness, and swivel capabilities

Example of Deck Lights in a Sentence

"Deck lights mounted on a boat's deck come in various colors and designs, making them a popular choice for enhancing the visual appeal of the boat."

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