Search Lights


Definition of Search Lights

Search lights are intense lights used for illuminating potential hazards in the water and for marine, military, and emergency search operations.

Purely intended to help boat operators illuminate the water in cases of emergency, search lights should never be used as navigation lights.

Additionally, they should never be aimed directly at other vessels or the operator’s own vessel as this is blinding and can disrupt night vision.

They can be mounted on a pedestal mount or handheld, for example, the Hella Twin Beam Hand Held Search Light, pictured below. It has a switch that allows for morse code operation, which is an exceedingly advantageous feature.

Hella Twin Beam Hand Held Search Light from Apex Lighting

Here are other key features to look for in a search light:

  • Voltage: 12V or 24 V DC, clearly and durably marked on the light
  • Operation time: Capable of continuous operation of at least 3 hours
  • Light intensity: 2500 candela is the minimum luminous intensity for a search light
  • Beam angle: Circular beam at least 6 degrees

Example of Search Lights in a Sentence

"With a man overboard, the crew used the powerful marine search lights to scan the dark waters for any signs of the missing passenger."

Synonyms: spotlights

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