Starboard Lamp


Definition of Starboard Lamp

The starboard lamp is a green navigation light installed on the starboard side of the boat's front.

As it’s only visible to vessels approaching from the front or right, it must show light dead ahead and to the right up to an angle of 22.5 degrees to the rear of the beam.

placement of green starboard lamp and other navigation lights

The starboard lamp must be visible up to a distance of 1 nautical mile for boats smaller than 39 feet and 2 nautical miles for boats between 39–65 feet long.

The starboard lamp is an important safety feature especially in poor light conditions as it alerts oncoming boats regarding the location and direction of movement of a boat.

Advancements in starboard lamp technology have made them safer and more reliable than ever. LEDs, such as the Deck Mount LED Navigation Lamp Kit, offer the same visibility and brightness, but draw a fraction of the power, in this case 2 watts.

Deck Mount LED Navigation Lamp Kit

Some starboard lamps may even use smart lighting control modules like the POCO Digital Lighting Control V3, which makes the process of getting underway more efficient.

Example of Starboard Lamp in a Sentence

"When approaching another boat from the front or right, the starboard lamp provides a clear indication of the boat's direction and helps to prevent collisions."

Synonyms: sidelight

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