Green Navigation Light


Definition of Green Navigation Light

The green navigation light is a boat’s side light that is fitted on the starboard, or the right side of the front part of the boat.

According to regulation, the green light must illuminate dead ahead and to the right up to an angle of 22.5° aft of the beam (behind the widest part of the boat). The total arc of illumination should be 112.5°.

This starboard light can only be seen by vessels approaching from the front or the right.

The purpose of the green navigation light is to inform approaching vessels which way the bow is facing and that they must give way.

Sailboats navigating under sail are the only exceptions, as they have less control over their vessel and therefore have right of way.

schematic diagram of navigation light placement

Another key feature of the green side light is visibility regulations, which vary according to the size and type of boat.

The green navigation light needs to be visible from:

  • 2 nautical miles for powered boats between 39–165 feet
  • 1 nautical mile for powered boats smaller than 39 feet
  • 2 nautical miles for all sailboats navigating under sail

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For sailboats, the green navigation light may be paired with the red navigation light to form a bi-color combination light.

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Alternatively, the sailboat may display a single tri-color light combining red (port), green (starboard), and white (aft).

Example of Green Navigation Light in a Sentence

"Out at sea blinked the green navigation lights of a yachtsman on his way into port."

Synonyms: starboard lamp

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