Definition of Bollard

A bollard is a short post made of wood, concrete, iron, or galvanized steel that’s fitted onto the deck of a boat and used to secure ropes for towing a boat as well as for mooring. It usually has a counterpart mounted on the dock to secure your boat.

Bollard lights are luminaires mounted in bollards 2–4 feet tall that are used to illuminate outdoor areas such as gardens and walkways. They’re an effective dock light solution since they’re made from durable materials and resistant to corrosion.

You might see bollard lights illuminating the walkway on a dock.

Portable bollard lights like the Solar Sentinel with LED Light below can also double up as a life-ring station. Solar-charging capability increases the energy efficiency of bollard lights.

Solar Sentinel with LED Light from Apex Lighting

Example of Bollard in a Sentence

"The maximum height of a bollard is 3 feet."

Synonyms: cleat, chock

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