Bow Light


Definition of Bow Light

See Sidelight

A bow light is a sidelight that combines the port and starboard lights (red and green) into a single fixture that is then installed in the middle of the boat's bow.

The bow light is visible from a distance of 2 nautical miles, forming an uninterrupted arc of light that is 112.5 degrees.

green and red bow light

Only boats that are shorter than 65 feet are allowed to use this combo sidelight.

As a navigation light exposed to the sea salt corrosion, moisture and temperature changes in the marine environment, it must be marine grade lighting.

Look for LED light fixtures, which are energy efficient, fully sealed and rated IP67 and above, meaning they’re waterproof.

The NaviLED PRO Bi-Color Navigation Light from Apex Lighting is a great option.

“The unit construction looks great … other lights eventually corroded due to water intrusion. This Apex Lighting unit is completely sealed so I am hopeful it will last a long time.” Larry B., United States

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