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Definition of Red Navigation Light

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Red navigation lights are a type of lighting used to indicate the port (left) side to other boats at night or in low visibility conditions, such as fog or rain.

schematic diagram of navigation light placement

According to international maritime regulations, red navigation lights must:

  • Be visible from a minimum distance of 1 nautical mile (NM)
  • Have an angle of visibility of 112.5 degrees
  • Shine right ahead to an angle of 22.5 degrees aft of the beam
  • Be bright enough to be seen by other vessels, especially in low visibility conditions

The bigger the boat, the higher the lights need to be mounted in order to be clearly visible from 2 NM away.

Below is a pair of red and green navigation lights in the Deck Mount LED Navigation Lamp Kit from Apex Lighting.

Deck Mount LED Navigation Lamp Kit from Apex Lighting

Boats smaller than 65 feet may carry a combined red and green navigation light, such as the NaviLED PRO Bi-Color Navigation Light. It must be mounted on the bow, on the fore and aft centerline of the vessel.

Example of Red Navigation Light in a Sentence

"The captain switched on the red navigation light as the vessel approached the harbor entrance at night."

Synonyms: port light

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