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Definition of Rope Light

Rope lights are a type of flexible lighting solution consisting of small bulbs linked together and encased in clear or colored, cylindrical PVC to form a string of lights that provide a versatile light source.

They’re usually installed using plastic tracks, p-clips, or u-clips screwed onto the surface.

LED rope lights have the added benefits of:

  • Improved energy efficiency: LEDs lose very little power through heat compared to incandescent and compressed fluorescent lights (CFLs), which lose over 80% of their energy as heat.
  • Durability: LEDs are long-lasting, functioning 3–5 times longer than CFLs and 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs. In fact, they last so long that their average rated life is not tested according to their failure rate, but when they dim to 70%.
  • Customizability: LEDs emit light in a variety of colors and lend themselves easily to the use of dimmers and smart technology, allowing for personalization.

Rope lights are the most versatile LED light fixtures available because they’re extremely flexible and they emit a 360-degree beam since they’re cylindrical.

Rope lights aren’t to be confused with strip lights, such as the LED Waterproof Ribbon 16' Roll, which are flat and have an adhesive back.

So, how can you use rope lights, such as our LED Rope Light Per Foot?

  • Primary outdoor lighting: Installed on the inner roof of a covered deck, rope lights provide even outdoor lighting that doesn’t attract bugs like a single bulb does
  • Accent lighting: Rope lights can be placed around your boat’s trim molding or under the gunwale to accent these
  • Under cabinet lighting: Tucked under your galley kitchen cabinets, rope lights can provide light for your countertops
  • Courtesy lighting: Mounted along the deck, passageways, and stairways, rope lights can provide enough light to move around with ease while night sailing
  • Indirect lighting: Rope lights mounted behind a hidden trim provide a dim wash of ambient light that can create a great mood.

 Lumitec Moray Flex Light from Apex Lighting illuminating the gunwale

Example of Rope Light in a Sentence

"The deck of the yacht was lit with blue LED rope lights, creating a stunning ambiance for a nighttime cruise."

Synonyms: soft neon

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