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Definition of Signal Light

See Navigation Lights

A signal light, also known as a navigation light, is used to show the size of a ship, the direction it’s navigating towards, and whether it’s sailing or anchored.

Signal lights ensure safety on the water at night by increasing the visibility of boats and providing the locational information to enable them to adopt avoidance measures, preventing collisions.

In the table below we break down types of marine signal lights and their requirements:

  Light Type Nautical Mile Visibility Angle Of Visibility Color
LED Masthead Lamp from Apex lighting Masthead light 2-3 225° White
NaviLED PRO LED Navigation Lights from Apex Lighting Sidelight 1-2 112.5° Green or Red
Lumitec Surface Mount Navigation Light from Apex Lighting Stern light 2 135° White
Hella 360 Compact Anchor Lamp LED from apex Lighting All-round light 3-5 360° White

Example of Signal Light in a Sentence

"The U.S. Coast Guard issued a safety alert warning operators against the use of unapproved signal lights since they may not have the proper light intensity and cut-off angles."

Synonyms: navigation light

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