Underwater Lights


Definition of Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are functional, and decorative accent lighting fixtures installed on the exterior of a boat or underwater on dock plinths. These lights are specifically designed to illuminate the water around and underneath the vessel and are usually flood beams.

Underwater marine LED lights have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years especially among boat owners who enjoy fishing and traveling at night.

They offer additional visibility in the water than standard lighting for:

  • Night fishing: Underwater lights attract microscopic phytoplankton that fish feed on thus attracting fish
  • Aesthetic enhancement of the boat
  • Safety feature allowing boaters to see into the water at night

Underwater boat lights come in two different types:

  • Surface mounted: Usually the more affordable option due to it’s simple installation, which only requires a small hole for wiring
  • Through-hull or flush mounted: More secure on surfaces exposed to rough waters, such as a boat’s running surface and are low profile enough to seamlessly blend with the boat’s design

Check out this video breaking down the pros of the flush mounted Seablaze Typhoon Thru-Hull Underwater.

In contrast, here’s what to expected from the surface mounted BluefinLED Piranha P3.

To wrap up, what color of underwater boat lights are best for night fishing?

  • Green light: best overall for night fishing since it penetrates the water better than other lights and attracts the plankton that fish feed on
  • White light: is second to green in attracting the plankton that attracts the fish
  • Blue light: works especially well in salt water, which scatters the light less
  • Red light: least attractive to fish, but is still ideal for shallow water, doesn’t interfere with night vision, and attracts the least bugs

Example of Underwater Lights in a Sentence

"The yacht's multi color underwater lights lit up its wake, creating a gorgeous light and color show that made the night's festivities extra special. Light was clearly visible from two miles, providing a clear indication of the vessel's location."

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