Spot Beam


Definition of Spot Beam

A spot beam provides a focused and intense illumination in a specific area. Spot beams project light over a long distance with a narrow beam angle, making them fantastic for search lights, signal lights and task lighting.

The beam angle of a spot beam is usually 30 degrees and the field of light maxes out at a 60-degree field angle.

schematic diagram of a spot beam angle

Lighting fixtures that employ spot beams are ideal for navigational lights because of their long range of visibility, but it’s important to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements.

They are also ideal for task lighting on the boat and accent lighting. LED lights dominate the field of spotlighting because they have a super condensed, directional beam.

A particularly beautiful application of spot beam lighting is underwater boat lights, such as the SeaBlaze X2 LED Underwater Light.

SeaBlaze X2 LED Underwater Light from Apex Lighting

Example of Spot Beam in a Sentence

"The search light’s spot beam allowed the coast guard captain to see the wrecked boat from several miles away."

Synonyms: narrow beam, focused beam, concentrated beam, directed beam, pinpoint beam

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